Terms and Conditions

By purchasing goods from 0044 you enter a legally binding agreement with us on the following terms. You should read and understand these terms because they affect your rights and liabilities. They do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. These terms describe the basis for purchase by you and sale by us of the products described on this web site.

0044 reserves the right to refuse any order which is deemed to have not been conducted in the correct way or where any foul play may have taken place. 0044 also retains the right to not complete any order it wishes to do so providing that the monies have not been taken or a full refund is given. By placing an order and giving debit card or credit card details on our secure server you the consumer is bound and contracted to complete the sale.

Registered Company

0044.co.uk is a brand owned by 0044 Ltd. 0044 Ltd is a UK registered company number 4793490.


Please ensure when placing your order you have selected the relevant zone and bundle size that you require, and review this selection again at the Checkout. 0044 Ltd cannot be held responsible for incorrect bundles being loaded if this information is selected incorrectly by the customer, and no refund or replacement will be offered.

Payment Method

We take all reasonable care to make our site as secure as we can. All of our transactions are processed through Amazon.co.uk using a secure encrypted server. For questions related to your payment Amazon.co.uk can be reached via https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=hp_gt_ppv_payissue?nodeId=201895620

Handling Complaints

We will in every case acknowledge complaints within 2 working days. We will in every case advise the consumer how we plan to resolve the complaint. We will in every case keep the consumer informed throughout the process and do everything we can to come to an agreeable resolution.

External Sites

0044 Ltd cannot be held responsible for the content of any of our sites we have linked to and all links are made in good faith.

Contact Details

Our details are: 0044 Ltd, Park House, Clifton Park Avenue, York, North Yorkshire, YO30 5PB. Please note that we handle customer queries in writing only.


VAT on Sales by 0044

VAT is charged on sales by 0044 within the European Union (EU). In accordance with the laws governing members of the EU, 0044 is obliged to charge VAT on all orders delivered to destinations in member countries of the EU. In general, VAT is charged in accordance with the local legislation in each member state.

The price displayed for goods sold by 0044 are inclusive of UK VAT. However, your final price may differ depending on the actual VAT rate that applies to your order. For orders to other EU countries, the UK VAT amount will be deducted and the applicable VAT rate for the destination country will be added. Your final price during checkout will reflect the correct VAT rate for the destination country of your order.

VAT on Sales by 0044 for UK customers

For items that are subject to VAT, the price on the website is inclusive of UK VAT at 20%, required by law.

If there is even one item in your order that is subject to tax, we are obliged to levy 20% VAT on that item as well as the postage and packing for the entire order. It is possible to place orders for items subject to VAT separately from those not subject to VAT.

VAT on Sales by 0044 for EU Customers Outside of the UK.

0044 is required by law to collect VAT on orders for goods dispatched to most countries within the EU. For customers with an EU delivery address, VAT is charged in accordance with local legislation. VAT charges for your order are inclusive of the total sales price on your order, which is shown in the e-mail confirmation of your order.

Customers Outside of the EU

For dispatch to countries outside of the EU, VAT will not be charged. These packages may be assessed for import or customs fees, depending on the laws of the country concerned.

Customs or import duties are levied once the package reaches the destination country. For certain destination countries, 0044 may elect to estimate and collect an import-fees deposit during checkout. These funds will be used to pay import fees on your behalf to the appropriate authorities, when your package reaches the destination country. If applicable the estimated import-fees deposit will be displayed in the order summary in the checkout.

If an estimated import-fees deposit is not displayed in the checkout order summary, additional charges for customs clearance will have to be borne by the recipient. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they might be. Since customs policies vary widely from country to country, you may want to contact your local customs office for further information.

VAT Registration Agreement

If you are VAT registered in an EU Member State and has received a VAT registration number issued by an EU Member State then, subject to the conditions below you may submit that VAT registration number for purchasing from 0044. Before submitting your VAT registration number, please read the following information. You may only submit your VAT registration number if you acknowledge and agree to all of the following conditions:

1) 0044 Ltd is a UK company and is VAT registered. When you submit your VAT registration number for purchasing from 0044 and upon verification of that VAT registration number by us, our systems will determine whether VAT will be charged on your purchases and will automatically produce a valid VAT invoice in line with EU and your local VAT rules;

2) If VAT is not charged on your purchases you remain responsible to account for VAT, if applicable, according to the EU and your local VAT rules;

3) You remain responsible for VAT and other reporting obligations, if applicable, and according to the EU and your local VAT rules;

4) The VAT registration number and the VAT registration certificate you submit to 0044 belongs to the business you operate, and that business is registered for VAT purposes in one of the EU Member States;

5) All transactions on your 0044 Account will be business-related transactions made by the business associated with the VAT registration number and VAT registration certificate you submit to 0044;

6) Your VAT registration number and VAT registration certificate and all other information provided by you is true, accurate and up-to-date and you will immediately update any such information held by 0044 in the event of any change;

7) All information including your VAT registration number will be collected, processed and maintained in accordance with the terms set out in 0044's Conditions of Use & Sale and Privacy Notice;

8) 0044 reserves the right to request additional information and to verify the validity of your 0044 Account information (including your VAT registration number and/or your VAT registration certificate) with you or with government authorities and agencies, as permitted by applicable law. You hereby authorise 0044 to request and obtain this information from such government authorities and agencies as 0044 considers necessary. Further, you agree to provide any such information to 0044 upon request.

9) 0044 reserve the right to charge you any applicable unbilled VAT if you provide a VAT registration number that is determined to be invalid, not in accordance with your business details, or that the tax authorities have deemed not to be related to the 0044 Account-holder;

10) Until we verify your submitted VAT registration number, and show this as 'active' in your 0044 Account, your purchases will be treated as non-business related.