About 0044.co.uk

Our history from then until now.

0044 was created in 2003 to help travellers keep their phone bills at a minimum. Leaving the country with your mobile phone, often results in paying too much, too often in phone bills, but by developing unique solutions with likeminded network operators, we’ve saved thousands of travellers potentially millions of pounds. With 14+ years experience, our mission has always been to drive down roaming costs and help you stay in contact around the world.

14+ years on; We’ve worked tirelessly to provide a comprehensive range of voice and data solutions, offering significant savings, sensible prices, quality products and excellent customer service. We are also constantly updating our range with the latest available technology so you never feel behind!

Impartial: We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best solution for you based on your needs and requirements. We understand each of our customers has a different reason for calling abroad or travelling so we prefer to offer a range of solutions geared towards meeting your specific needs.

What next? Simple really…give us a try! Whether you’re planning a holiday or a business trip, a long or short stay, anywhere in the world, then we’d love to hear from you. Our website is designed to offer clear advice on voice and mobile data solutions, but if you find you have questions or queries, or simply just want to talk to someone about the options, then please contact us.

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